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The Post Adoption Services (PAS) unit at AIAA provides services to families following finalization and to adult adoptees. These services include:

  1. Educational support;

  2. Search services to adult adoptees;

  3. Crisis intervention;

  4. Referral for mental health counseling and support; 

  5. Facilitation of correspondence to overseas agencies and childcare facilities in countries of origin, where possible;

  6. Support to adoptive families and adult adoptees visiting their homeland.

Staffing for the unit includes the Post Adoption Services Administrator who is a social worker, and the Post Adoption Services Administrative Assistant.

Educational support is provided to adult adoptees and adoptive families on a variety of adoption related topics, which include, bibliographies, information regarding workshops, and pertinent articles. 

Search services are provided for adult adoptees who are 18 years of age or older. Those interested in search need to contact the PAS Administrator concerning their desire to search. The following services are provided:

  1. Counseling with the adoptee to ascertain his/her desired outcome;

  2. Review of the adoptee’s AIAA adoption file;

  3. Inquiry to overseas agency or childcare facility on behalf of the adoptee, where possible;

  4. Facilitate the search process.

Adoptive families and adult adoptees who contact the agency for information regarding birth families due to an extenuating circumstance such as medical emergencies/pre-existing conditions will consult with the PAS Administrator who will attempt to make the necessary contacts overseas to obtain any information available.

Crisis intervention will be provided to adoptive families and adult adoptees. A referral to an appropriate counseling service will be made at the time of the initial contact, whenever possible.

Referral Services for Mental Health/Counseling will be provided to adoptive families and adult adoptees requesting such services.

Facilitation of Correspondence between adoptive families and overseas agency and childcare facility includes:

  1. Processing correspondence from adoptive parents/adult adoptees to foster parents, birth parents, agency, or childcare facility;

  2. Process correspondence from foster parents, birth parents, agency, or childcare facility, and forward to adoptive parents/adult adoptees;

  3. Update case files regarding appropriate correspondence and entries.     

Support For Travel Overseas to Country of Origin Assistance with visiting foster families, birth families, agencies, and childcare facility.



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