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AIAA has been working with Milossardie, a charitable organization placing Bulgarian children internationally for more than 12 years. We are also working with another Charity who has placed hundreds of children since 1994 with adoptive families in Europe


Children 6 and up, sibling groups up to 15 years of age, and those with medical special needs. Living in childcare institutions. Caucasian children of Roma, Turkish or Bulgarian ancestry

Bulgaria International Adoption Michigan








  1. Married couple or single female applicant of good character, with a stable, nurturing marriage (where applicable), and a commitment to instill in their child a knowledge and pride in country/culture of Bulgaria;

  2. Age of adoptive applicant(s) flexible but upper range should be appropriate for birth child. No less than 15 years between child and each adoptive parent. Exceptions may be considered for children with special needs;

  3. Applicants may be childless or with birth or adopted children;

  4. Medical for each adoptive applicant for HIV, Hep B, and VD;

  5. Four (4) post placement reports, post placement medical, and pictures of child and family by family's caseworker in first two (2) years.



To begin the process, see Getting Started with AIAA on web site. If you live in Michigan, AIAA will complete home study and post placement supervision. Out of State applicants, see “Choosing Out of State Local Social Service Provider” on web site.

Completed dossier and updated home study along with CIS approval required to receive child referral. Dossier forwarded to Milossardie for filing with Bulgarian Central Committee Register.

Following referral from Bulgarian Central Adoption Committee, Milossardie will visit child and receive child referral information to be forwarded to AIAA.

Two (2) trips to Bulgaria required for approximately five (5) days. For couples, both parents required to travel for first trip. One parent can return to escort the child.

Children receive automatic citizenship following finalization of adoption in US. However, parent should apply for Certificate of Citizenship.

FEE SCHEDULE: (As of January 16, 2009)                                                                                                     


 Preapplication Fee                             
 Formal Application Fee                    Bulgarian Aid Donation                     AIAA Program Fee                            AIAA Processing Fee                           


$    50.00  

Total  $11,550.00  


OVERSEAS FEES: Equivalent of 6,500 Euros (EUR) total. Payment schedule for overseas fees are as follows and the US dollar (USD) amount is the EUR equivalent at the time each payment:

1000 EUR at time of submission of dossier

2000 EUR at time of child referral

3500 EUR at completion of court hearing

To check current USD versus EUR go to

For some of the children with special needs there may be an adoption grant for qualifying families.

PLEASE NOTE: These amounts do not include home study or post placement service fees.

For further information regarding Bulgaria Program, please call office and ask for Bulgarian Program Administrator. 

We look forward to working with you for a child from Bulgaria. 

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