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NEW PROGRAM. Coordinator is American/El Salvadorian citizen with 5 years experience in international adoptions from El Salvador. El Salvador ratified the Hague Treaty in 1998. He has a team of attorneys that process the adoption.


Children of Indian/Spanish heritage in large institutions land smaller ones run by Catholic nuns. Institute for Protection of Minors (INSA) is responsible for determining eligibility of children for adoption and assignment to prospective adoptive applicants. Children must be eligible for domestic adoption first before being considered for international adoption. Generally youngest age of child at referral will be 2 1/2 to 3 years.


  1. Couples married a minimum of five (5) years or single heterosexual applicants of good character, with a stable, nurturing marriage (where applicable), and a commitment to instill in their child a knowledge and pride in the child’s native country and culture of origin;

  2. Age of at lease one of adoptive applicants:

    a.  Children, infant to three (3) years-Adoptive parents, twenty-five (25) to thirty-five (35) years of age;

    b.   Children, three (3) to five (5) years-Adoptive parents, thirty-six (36) to forty-five (45) years of age;

    c.   Children, six (6) years and over-Adoptive parents, forty-six (46) to fifty-five (55) years of age.

    Exceptions may be made for older school age children or those with special needs but age should be appropriate for birth children for both parents;

  3. Psychological evaluation is required for each adoptive applicant;

  4. Post Adoption medical, four (4) Post Adoption reports, one (1) every six (6) months,by the family’s caseworker following arrival in adoptive family, and pictures of child and family for each report.

Estimated timing from application (with updated home study) to arrival back to the US is 18-24 months.


  1. Applicant in good physical and mental health with no condition, disease or handicap that would interfere with one's life span or ability to parent.  Specific health issues will be determined on a case-by-case basis;

  2. Applicants with no legal issues, past or present.  Specific situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis;



To begin the process, see “GETTING STARTED WITH AIAA” on web site. If you live in Michigan, AIAA will complete home study and post placement supervision. Out of State applicants, see CHOOSING OUT OF STATE LOCAL  SOCIAL SERVICE PROVIDER on web site.

With AIAA’s assistance, prospective adoptive applicant(s) prepare dossier to be sent to Coordinator. Joint Meeting between Office for Adoptions (OPA), which is part of El Salvador’s Attorney General’s Office, and ISNA is convened to make decision on approval of specific applicant(s). Assignment can be direct from OPA or lawyer acting on behalf of prospective adoptive applicant proposes referral for specific family.

Following approval of assignment by Attorney General, OPA sends information to INSA for issuance of the Article 16 of the Hague Convention which permits

visiting child and taking pictures by lawyer. Child referral information, background, health, social, and physical development is provided either by staff of childcare facility or directly from INSA for relinquished children.

Child referral is sent to AIAA along with Formal Acceptance documents, which will be presented to OPA for certification followed by presentation to Salvadoran Supreme Court, which will designate family court for final adoption process. Adoption applicant(s) travel to El Salvador 2-3 months following filing with OPA to see child and finalize adoption. Expected stay is 3-4 weeks but one parent can leave after 7 days and executing Power of Attorney.

Children receive automatic citizenship following finalization of adoption in US. However, parent should apply for Certificate of Citizenship.

FEE SCHEDULE: (As of January 16, 2009)


  Preapplication Fee 

$    50.00

  Formal Application Fee 500.00    
  AIAA Program Fee 2,000.00

Due at submission of dossier  

  AIAA Processing Fee 3,700.00 Acceptance of Child Referral    
  Overseas Fee *12,000.00

* $ 5000 due at submission of  


dossier to Coordinator  


$ 7000 due at acceptance  




 of Child Referral  

**For some children who are older or with special needs, there may be adoption
grant for qualifying families


PLEASE NOTE: These amounts do not include home study/post adoption services, translation, certification or authentication fees for dossier, airfares, US Embassy and visa fees, and living expenses in El Salvador.

Fees shown reflect the current costs of the adoption of a child from El Salvador. FEES ARE FOR SERVICES RENDERED AND, THEREFORE, ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

For further information regarding the El Salvador Program, contact the AIAA
El Salvador Program Administrator at (248) 362-1207.

We look forward to working with you for a child from El Salvador.

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